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If you sell products online, whether it’s a single product or tens of thousands, there are many things that you can change on your site store that will increase your sales.
Don’t be afraid of having too much information about a product on one page. Simply break up the text clearly with headings.

Here are some of the things you should consider putting on your product page:
• Product Image
• Description (make sure its unique and not copied from another source)
• Expert store review
• User reviews and ratings
• Product video
• User images “see it in the wild”
• Percentage discount
• Warranty information
• Related products. If your customer gets to the bottom of the page and isn’t sold, try to get them interested in another product before they leave your site.
• Product Summary – small image with summary info and buy now button (one last chance to convert them)
• Follow us on Facebook
• Follow on us on twitter
• Blog page
• Pictures of unrelated products

When trying to convert your customers to sales, try to keep these items to a minimum or on the front page of site store, to reduce the number of distractions.